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Welcome to Cadence Health
Cadence Health is a small consulting firm that specializes in applying proven engineering tools to performance improvement in health care.  Our engineers have extensive experience adapting well-established industrial engineering methods to health care processes and staff.

Too often, hospitals are unable to maintain the progress made under the direction of a consulting group. Our goal is to work with your staff as the true process experts and leave behind confident, educated staff-leaders to continue your process improvement efforts indefinitely.

Leaders in Performance Improvement
Hospitals have historically not taken advantage of the efficiencies to be gained through application of time-tested engineering analysis to work flows and processes. Even basic industrial engineering tools are unfamiliar to most healthcare providers -- especially at the staff and manager level where they are the most useful.
We offers several approaches and invites you to explore our website to learn what we can do for your organization.

Register for the upcoming Seminars hosted by IIE and taught by Adrienne Dickerson:

- Principles in Patient Flow & Throughput - June 21-22, 2011.

- Lean Six Sigma for Health Care - May 2-6, 2001 - IIE HQ, Norcross, GA
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